Are you taking Ozempic? Do you feel like you're going to yak? 

If so, it's OK. It's a normal side effect, especially when you first begin taking the drug or when you take it at higher doses for weight loss. 

No matter the cause, vomiting is unpleasant and throwing up into your toilet can feel pretty undignified. That's where Vommats come in! 

Vommats are ecofriendly disposable sheets that collect vomit and protect surfaces from it. They're super soft to the touch, highly absorbent, absolutely watertight and you can yak on them with total confidence that whatever happens will not make it to the other side. 

- keep one in your car or tote bag when you're on the go

- lay one out on the floor in your bathroom to avoid the position of praying to the porcelain God

- if you're feeling real bad, don't even get out of bed: you can lay it wherever makes sense for the position you're in and let it rip