Frequently Asked Questions

We'll try to answer all of your questions here. If you're still wondering about something, send us a note on our Contact page.

Vommat is an eco-friendly disposable mat to protect surfaces beneath it from vomit. 

There are many ways to use a Vommat.

One way is to just allow a child or sick person to lay on top of it on a bed, couch, or chair. Then if they throw up unexpectedly (or erratically, as kids tend to do it), the surfaces nearby will remain clean. 

Another way to use it, if there's an active situation, is to drape it over the person who is throwing up like a big bib and everything will collect within the material and keep their clothes and nearby objects clean. 

You could also use it on the floor to protect a rug, or keep one in your car if someone feels car sick. The mat is made of a magically absorbent material so as long as it is within reach, it will help!

Soon. We're looking at October 2022 but there are a couple big items to check off the to-do list before we can go live. 

They're strong. Really, really strong. Like, you can lift 300 pounds in it, strong, but we hope you won’t have to.

Well if you're looking for the answer to that question, you're probably in a bad place. I'm sorry that that happened. The best way to clean vomit from a couch is to prevent it from ever getting there, of couse, and that can be accomplished by using a Vommat. Apart from that, probably some upholstery cleaner or maybe a it is time for a new couch? 

We're so glad you asked. The top layer is a viscose non-woven - it is very soft to the touch and comfortable to lay on.  The bottom layer is a biofilm made of recycled food waste and corn starch - it is completely water tight. In the middle, there's a super absorbent powder that helps to absorb an incredible amount of liquid. It's a lot like what is inside a diaper! And we know those are absorbent. 

Please use care when using a Vommat. 

Suffocation hazard. Do not use in cribs or with infants. Do not use with children unaccustomed to loose blankets and bedding.

Keep away from any source of flame.

Discard any Vommat that is ripped or torn.

Store away from moisture and sunlight. 

Yes and no. If you're seeing the letters "ex" on the back of a Vommat next to a date in the not too distant past, don't fret. The "ex" here does not stand for expiration but for "extra" which is necessary for us to call out in manufacturing. The date after the "ex" is the date of manufacture. So Vommats do expire, but not until 4 years after the date of manufacture which you can see on the back of your mats. 

You bet! They'll protect against animal bodily fluids just as well has those from humans! 

No. They are not. BUT! They do have accreditation from a certification body in Norway and Europe. They are labeled with the Nordic Eco label "The Swan," which is known for its strict health and environmental standards. This ensures that products meet high-quality and eco-friendly criteria. You can learn more about the Nordic Swan here
or read more below. 

The Nordic Swan Ecolabel…

  • Sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product's life cycle
  • Sets strict requirements for chemicals used in ecolabelled products
  • Tightens requirements for goods and services continuously to create sustainable development
  • Certifies and verifies that all requirements are met before a product is approved.