Are you tired of cleaning up after sick kids?

I was. I really was. And I wondered, why can't I just cover everything up so they can't puke on it? Thus the Vommat was born and now we all can just cover everything up. And not just cover it up but cover it with something so soft and absorbent and safe and comfortable to lay on. I hope your family will find Vommats as helpful as mine has!

  • Super Soft, Super Absorbent

    Soft to the touch, comfortable to lay on, and highly absorbent. Make of next generation sustainable materials.

  • Absolutely Watertight

    A biofilm backer works together with the soft nonwoven top to prevent liquids and moisture from getting through to the other side.

  • Peace of Mind

    When you know that yak will be contained and easily cleaned up, you can focus more on caring for the offender. They really take the edge off a stressful situation.

Puke happens. Be prepared.

It's just a fact of life. But it doesn't have to be quite as unpleasant as it historically has been. Keep a pack of Vommats in the bathroom closet until the need strikes and your future self will be so happy with you. When someone is feeling unwell, unfold a Vommat and lay it out over furniture, bedding, right onto the floor, or anywhere else you need it. Whatever comes next will be contained for a quick and easy cleanup. Simply toss the messy Vommat in the trash and lay out a fresh one. Easy!