The Vommat Story


I'm May. Like many great ideas, I came up with the idea for Vommat in the middle of the night. But I wasn’t sleeping. I was cleaning vomit-laden sheets off my daughter’s bed for the second time in as many hours and was realizing that I didn’t have more sheets if she ruined the next set. I wondered, why isn’t there something I can just cover everything up with?

Barbie demoing an early Vommat prototype

The next day as I got her settled on the couch, I had the same thought – why can’t I cover the couch with something? Something she can throw up on, and if she does, I can throw it out instead of cleaning whatever the vomit lands on. A vomit... mat... a Vommat! Obvi.

I didn't do anything right away but each time the need presented itself, I was kicking myself for not getting it together. So after a few more kids and a few years I then set about making Vommat happen. It has been a long, weird and winding road but the good news is it's now go time. They're ready!

My sincere hope is that you’ll not need these. That they’ll sit in your bathroom closet for many years collecting dust. But if you DO need them, they’re there. And you’ll be glad to have them. Think of it like an insurance policy against doing terrible, terrible laundry or being on your hands and knees cleaning the bit of carpet next to your couch. 

may preparing vommats for shipping

So next time you hear, "my tummy hurts," don't panic: you can do this. We will help. Thanks so much for your order - my kids and I will fulfill it for you from our HQ outside Boston. Stay healthy!