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What's in your sick kid toolbox?

What's sadder than a sick kid? They're so... helpless. So, we try to help. We try to avoid dehydration with lots of drinks. We try to avoid boredom with TV or a tablet. We try to avoid a big mess with... a salad bowl? A prayer?

What's in your sick kid toolbox? At our house, it's something like this:

- A thermometer. Because if you need to call the pediatrician, they'll always ask!

- Drinks. So many drinks. Anything is in play if it will help avoid dehydration. Water, Gatorade, ginger ale, popsicles. 

- A baby tub. A baby tub? Yes. When my kids throw up, it gets wild. So we started using a baby tub since it was such a big target. 

- Saltines. Once we think the tummy can handle something, we start with some saltines or toast. 

- Lipton Noodle Soup. A little salty soup is always good. 

And now... we can remove the baby tub from the lineup. You can remove your popcorn bowl from the lineup. They're being replaced by: vommats! 

A box of vommats in the closet and you can remove the fear of cleaning vomit off of your couch and that is worth something isn't it?! 

We've all been there... let's make it easier next time. 

What else is in your sick kid tookit? And maybe coming soon... a Vommat Sick Kid Toolkit.. an actual kit? Keep an eye on the SHOP page in the future!

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