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What Can I Use to Cover My Couch to Protect it From Vomit?

This was probably pretty close to my exact search a few years ago, pre-Vommat. What can I use to cover my couch to protect it from vomit? I didn't get any good answers. I wanted something disposable, ecofriendly, soft and watertight. 

Disposable vomit mat? No.
Disposable puke pads? No. 
Throw up mats? No. 
Ecofriendly puke mat? No.
Ecofriendly disposable sheet? No.

And on and on. And then I realized, this thing that I was looking for, it didn't exist. Yet. I decided I would make something - something ecofriendly, disposable, soft, absorbent, watertight. I wrote it all down in a little notebook of all my wild ideas (yes this is one of many) and set it aside. But a funny thing about little kids is they get sick pretty often and each time the need presented itself, I thought about the Vommats again. And eventually, enough was enough. It was time to make these sheets a reality. 

Fast forward to today - Vommats are real! You can buy them (well, kind of. I am sold out at the moment and am crowdfunding to order more), they are real, and they really work. Like, really freaking well. It's hard to describe them, though, so that other parents can find them and experience how much they improve the situation because people aren't really looking for something like this yet. They don't even know it's an option! 

So I hope that if you were looking for something you can use to cover your couch to protect it from vomit, you'll find what you need, here. You spent good money on that couch and it'd be a shame if your sick kiddo put their own unforgettable touch on it, right? So stock up today and be prepared, not panicked. 

Featured image photo by Sven Brandsma on Unsplash.

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