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Vommats for Potty Training

The name Vommat speaks to vomit, of course but did you know that Vommats are also perfectly suited to assist with potty training? (They can actually handle any number of bodily fluids but let's be reasonable here and stick to the basics.) I'll outline a few different ways they may help here but they're quick becoming a must-have in a parent's potty training toolkit. 

The Beginning

When you're finally committed to go for it - you might clear a few days for life with a pants-less toddler (that's how we've done it, at least). They don't mind, much, but you might - since you know what could happen. Using a Vommat during this phase is a good way to protect any important pieces of furniture! Chilling on the couch, eating a snack, but sitting on a Vommat is the way to go. Posted up in their little Everywhere Chair, but sitting on a Vommat so you don't need to wrestle with washing that cover. Playing on the floor, but on an unfurled Vommat to protect the rug. You get the picture! Ideally, anywhere that little bum goes that you don't want to have to clean should have a Vommat close by to assist. 

If you're going the mini-pretend-potty route, you might also want to use a Vommat underneath the target to protect your floor and avoid a cleanup. I received a short video from a mom just last week illustrating the success she had going that route. She said the Vommat "saved her life and her floor," yes!!

Once you've got a handle on that, you might use Pull Ups or similar training pants for overnights. But then there's a second phase... moving beyond the safety of the Pull Up. 

Later On 

When it's time to try sleeping without training pants, it is another perfect time to break out the Vommat! Laying it in the bed to sleep on will contain any accidents and you can avoid taking the mattress cover and sheet off to wash. Or, if you find that there's been an accident in the middle of the night but your bleary-eyed self can't bear the thought of ripping the bed apart and remaking it at 2am, you can lay the Vommat out over the offending spot and get yourself through the rest of the night. Sometimes these problems are better dealt with in the light of day, right? And bonus to that plan, any additional issues will also be contained. 

Parents are so innovative so please reach out if you've found any other ways that Vommats can help support these important (but sometimes difficult) life transitions!

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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