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Vommat + The Mom Comm

Vommat's first partnership is live! A few weeks ago, I stumbled out of my house to try doing some work in the real world. I looked up from my table and right in front of me was Kristen Bonito, the incredible founder of The Mom Comm, a community space for moms (and their kids) to come together in Salisbury, MA. I said, "Hi! Are you Kristen?" and fast forward a few weeks, chats,  and emails, Vommat is now an Exclusive Partner of the The Mom Comm! It's a match made in heaven.

Being a mom is HARD and we aren't meant to do all that we do in isolation. Kristen is a mom of 3, gets it, and set about creating a community to support moms in a host of different ways. The Mom Comm is a boutique studio offering fitness classes for adults and kids, enrichment classes for kids, community events, and parenting support for families. This means she provides in-person and virtual fitness classes, a New Mom Support Group, a running club, and shares her physical space for local experts to hold workshops and activities for moms and families. Her event calendar is truly something to behold! She also has virtual space online for moms to connect and share their thoughts, get advice, rant, whatever they need, in a safe and supportive environment. She's really built up something special and I am so excited to be a part of it! 

Kristen even pioneered a whole new Vommat use-case; she uses them under the tables to protect the floors during her twice weekly sensory classes for littles. Brilliant!

Learn more about The Mom Comm here or follow along on Instagram here. If you're local, join up so you can get there live and join the community. (The next best thing, of course, is to participate in the community virtually) Either way, it's a beautiful thing!
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