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Vomit Cleanup Hacks

Vomit cleanup hacks? Yeah, you'll find them. In subreddits or blogs and you know what? A lot of them are pretty scary. Sure, they may be 1% better than alternatives but does that make them a hack? I'm not so sure. Here are some examples of what I'm talking about, these are from /Parenting on Reddit:

"When the kiddos are sick they sleep on the floor in our bathroom, its cooler in there on the tile, they are ten feet away from us if anything happens, and if they miss the bucket, it's just wiping the tile down, rinsing them off, and handing them a new blanket/pajamas, all in the span of five minutes because bathroom."

"Whether it's on sheets, carpet, wood floors... grab your spatula (pancake flipper)! You can pretty much squeegee it up and flip it into the trash. A few paper towels to help with chunks, then you're ready to scrub."

"If you know they're having a pukey day, just wrap them in a bunch of towels. So easy to toss in the wash!"

"All I could do was throw him in the bathtub, let him vomit all over himself, then hose him/thebathtub off."

Taking these as a whole, there's a whole lot of washing needing to be done and maybe a tiny bit of child abuse? Kidding, kind of. But most of these "vomit cleanup hacks" are pretty lackluster. There's gotta be a better way, right?

What is a true vomit cleanup hack? A Vommat. 

It covers better than a beach towel - no moisture will get through. It also absorbs odor, can your beach towel do that? Lastly, no need to toss it into the wash. Three wins right there. Hose your kids off in the shower like an elephant at the zoo? Or let them lay in bed or on the couch and let nature take its course. The choice is pretty clear to me!

If there's one thing everyone agrees on, it is that cleaning vomit is really a pretty terrible task. So bad, that one might even defile their spatula - the horror! I'd never be able to flip a pancake again. So let's get a real solution out there to the people! Vommat: the ultimate vomit cleanup hack!


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