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Turns Out Vommats Make Great Bedding for Baby Chicks

One of the best things about creating Vommats has been getting random messages from friends about novel ways they've used them. They're being used under air conditioners stored away for winter, they're absorbing snow dripping off skis in the trunks of their cars after a long day on the slopes, they're helping collect sand and moisture in the car after a day at the beach. But I got a new one this week and it's really good - I mean, potentially a whole new market. Two cute words: BABY CHICKS. 

I got the below pic from one of my friends along with an Instagram Reel with a woman going over all the components she uses to make a nice little place for the baby chicks to hang out* and guess what? A Vommat would be hugely helpful for her. 

I don't know very much (okay, nothing) about rearing baby chickens. Is rearing even the right word? This is what I just had to ask ChatGPT in advance of writing this post: 

I learned the word I was looking for is usually called "bedding" or "litter" and it did provide a nice breakdown of the different layers once would need to keep the lil chicks happy and healthy. So if you're looking for bedding for baby chicks, here's what you could do:

  1. Pine Shavings - One of the most common choices due to its availability and absorbency. It's important to avoid cedar shavings, as the oils can be harmful to chicks.

  2. Chopped Straw - Another popular option that provides good insulation and absorbency. Ensure it's chopped finely to prevent the chicks from eating it and potentially choking.

  3. Newspaper or Paper Towels - Often used temporarily, especially for the first few days after the chicks hatch. It’s less messy and easier to change frequently. However, it doesn’t absorb odors well and can become slippery when wet, so it should be replaced regularly. 

  4. Sand - Some people use sand as it’s easy to clean (similar to cleaning a cat litter box), though it doesn’t provide much insulation.

When choosing bedding for chicks, it’s crucial to ensure that the material is safe, non-toxic, and free from dust and mold, as these can cause respiratory issues. Additionally, it should be replaced or cleaned regularly to maintain hygiene and prevent the buildup of ammonia and bacteria.

So a great bedding solution for baby chicks would be a Vommat along the floor and then choose some pine shavings or chopped straw on top - just like my friend did! Note her pic. V, you nailed it! 

Why would Vommats make great bedding for baby chicks?

- non-toxic
- highly absorbent
- absolutely watertight
- quiet/not crinkly because there's no plastic

So if you're a chicken tender (sorry HAD TO) looking for a new bedding setup, incorporate a Vommat and let me know how it goes. And give those lil chicks a lil squeeze for me 🥰 !

*is hang out the right term for what baby chicks do? I need the lingo

Featured image by Jason Leung on Unsplash
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