Thank You So Much. Really. - Vommat

Thank You So Much. Really.

This is a little love note to thank everyone who has ordered Vommats so far. You are amazing and I would like to give you a big internet hug. Thank you so much. 

I knew when I started down this path that there would be highs and lows and... yep. There are. Sometimes the highs and lows can occur within the same hour. 

But seeing the little email from Shopify that says "[Vommat] Order Placed By Awesome Person" gives me such a high. It feels SO. GOOD. No matter how much I occasionally doubt my sanity in continuing to push this train down the tracks, each order reminds me, maybe I'm not crazy. Maybe this can be the thing that I think it can be!

So thanks for making me feel less crazy. And I hope that Vommats make you feel a little less crazy when you're juggling 19 other things when it becomes apparent that there's potential for adding "throwing up" to your bingo card for the day. 

Laying a Vommat out takes a little stress out of the occasion, and having it capture something that you'd otherwise be scrubbing out of your couch - that's a win. Little wins add up and if I can help contribute to giving you a little win during a stressful time, I'm so happy to be able to help. And your order is a little win for me, helping me pursue this little dream of entrepreneurship that I'm finding I've actually harbored for a very long time. So let's celebrate little wins and keep rolling. 

One other note; please share your feedback with me! I want to hear all about it and in this line of work, I hear some wild stuff. So don't be shy, send it along. And if you're a Vommat early adopter, and found them helpful, please share with your friends. Or even if you haven't used them but like knowing they're there - that's important too, share that. 

So once more, thank you, thank you, thank you, you're amazing!!

Featured photo by Courtney Hedger on Unsplash.
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