Testimonial Time - Vommat

Testimonial Time

Alright, they're out there now. There are Vommats in the real world, doing real work. I've had early access to them and they've quickly become a part of our sick kid routine but now they're becoming part of yours. I have a wonderful friend who was an early adopter and pre-ordered Vommats before they were even ready because she's got 4 kids. She knows how it goes. Recently, she had to use all of them plus an additional pack because the family got hit hard with a stomach bug. Here's an early text exchange as she had to break into the first pack:

screenshot of imessage text exchange

She ordered a second pack as her girls tore through the first set and once the dust settled, I asked her if she'd write up a little testimonial. Here's what she sent:

"When I first learned of this product, I thought, 'My kids have always made it to the toilet to vom, but as a mom of four who already has too much laundry and too much to clean, it can’t hurt to buy these and tuck them away just in case.' "Just in case" came a couple of weeks ago when my two oldest were hit hard with a stomach bug. We went through all of our Vommats in one afternoon. I immediately ordered another pack that arrived just in time for mom and dad to get hit with the virus. The Vommat is easy to use and dispose of and saved my rugs, furniture, and sanity while my family was sick. No home, school, or doctor’s office should be without this product."

Her family is also the source of this fantastic bit of marketing content from her husband, referring to his wife as she was felled by the bug:

imessage screenshot
I mean - that's a hook, isn't it? I'm not ready to buy a billboard but when I am, the hard concept work is already done. Thanks, T!

Featured photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

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