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Stomach Bug Must-Haves for Parents

You're cruising along well enough and then you get a call from daycare that your sweetpea has thrown up at school and you've gotta go pick them up. Sh*t. What's your next move? What if they throw up again in the car on the way home? Have you ever cleaned a car seat that has been thrown up in? It is truly one of the worst experiences in parenting. And bless you if you can get the cover off and back on without feeling like you're performing brain surgery. Why can't it just fit back on?! But I digress.... what is your next move? 

Well I would recommend getting two Vommats out of your closet. Take one with you for the car ride and leave one at home where you'll be settling your sweepea in for whatever comes next. 

For the car ride, you can use the Vommat sort of like a giant big. Depending on the age of the offender, you may be able to show them how to create a bucket-like depression in the Vommat to aim for or for smaller kids just tuck it to protect kiddo and car seat alike. Then drive like heck! 

Once you get home, hopefully unscathed, set up your sick spot. Bed, couch, floor, wherever is most comfortable. With 16 square feet of coverage area, the Vommat will cover the potential blast area with ease. Then what else is good to have on hand?

Stomach Bug Must-Haves for Parents:

- Bevvies: Stay Hydrated. Dehydration is a risk with any type of gastrointestinal upset. Sometimes the tummy is going to send whatever arrives right back up so try just a little bit at first. Water, juice, popsicles, electrolyte solutions and coconut water are all great options. 

- Disinfecting Wipes or Sprays: many stomach bugs are very contagious. Try to wipe down or spray surfaces that the sick child has come in contact with to try to minimize spread to others in the family. Wouldn't hurt to keep some hanny sanny nearby too. 

- BRAT Foods: there's conflicting advice on this nowadays but when it's time to try eating again, it can be a good idea to start with bland options such as broth, crackers, bananas or toast as things settle. But sometimes just any sign of hunger feels like a win so if they feel like something less bland, if you think they're out of the woods, go for it. 

Many times a stomach bug lasts for 24 hours or so - sometimes it's a one and done (best case scenario). Being prepared with a Vommat helps take some of the stress out of where someone will throw up and you can focus more on care. When I used to hear that scary maybe-throwing-up-cough I'd go running and try to move the sweetpea to somewhere more convenient for them to yak. Now I can just let them rip wherever they are and give them some nice pats on the back or hold their hair back. It's just so much easier. So! Stock up and be prepared. And good luck! 

Featured image by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash.
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