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It's Vommat Time (well, hopefully not)

Well, hopefully it isn't literally Vommat time (but if it is, I hope you feel better soon).  But the time I'm referring to is the fact that Vommats are officially available to order! What started as an idea in the middle of the night by a tired mom changing the sheets on her daughter's bed is now a real product, a real thing you can order! And have on hand if you need them. I hope you love them. 

We have needed to use them a handful of times since I've had access to them and I'm telling you - they really take the edge off of a yakking incident. The first time was the tail end of a summer road trip. My son started getting a little squirrely but I happened to have a Vommat in my purse. My husband continued driving in the traffic (that probably kicked this whole event off, but I digress) and I jumped back two rows and positioned the Vommat to cover his body and car seat. I shaped a kind of bowl with it and what do you know - he yakked and it was all contained. And I was so confident that it would be contained, I didn't even freak out. Not even a little bit. We pulled over to get some air (and find a trash can) and all was well. 

We also needed one for my oldest (the one who got this whole thing rolling a few years ago)  as a stomach bug swept through her school in the fall. She was laying on the Vommat, on the couch. She made a little coughy sound so I reported for duty - she didn't even lift her head, yakking off the side of the couch. But the Vommat and I were ready, we caught it all - and again, no freaking out. I was able to coach her through and it felt great to just throw it all away. Yes!

We've also used them for several maybe-gonna-happen-but-thankfully-not incidents. There's just some peace of mind they provide. 

Vommats are really SO simple. But there wasn't anything out there that I could find that would do this job - so now there is. I hope you buy some and keep them in your closet and never need them. But if you do, you'll be so glad to have them. Each time I've used them, I'm left feeling like - I've gotta share these with the world!! So, now's the time, and now you know! It's Vommat time.

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