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It's Decorative Gourd Season and You Know What Else?

It's fall. We're picking apples, we're raking leaves, we're carving pumpkins. It's Decorative Gourd Season. The kids are back at school. You know what that means? It's all back. The random colds and viruses. The emails from the nurse that there are some things "going around," or the preschool director reminding parents not to drop off sick kids. Will this sick season be as brutal as last year? Was last year the worst because we were thrown together more after lots of time apart? Time will tell. But there are things we can do to be ready. 

Things To Do as Sick Season Starts

- Wash hands. Duh, right? But sometimes a reminder is good. 

- Stock up on pain relivers and fever reducers. Remember there was a shortage last year? You'll be glad to have some on-hand should it happen again. 

- Order some Vommats, obvi 🤩

-  Prioritize good nutrition: easier said than done but you can help their immune systems by encouraging a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. Incorporate immune-boosting foods like citrus fruits, yogurt, and leafy greens. Maybe blend it all up into a yummy smoothie to make it more palatable for littles. 

- Schedule your flu shots: they're available now so get scheduled before it gets too deep into the season. 

- Stay informed; figure out the best resources for health advisories in your community and try to check in with them or sign up for newsletters/alerts so you can modify your plans or behavior if warranted. 

- Make a sick kid childcare plan; no one likes the wrench that waking up with a sick kid throws into your normal day so try to plan ahead so you know who will do what. 

Kids will get sick no matter what but being prepared can make the big wrench in your day a little bit smaller. So don't panic just get your ducks in a row and then let's get out there and enjoy the season!! 

Featured image by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash.
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