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Chaos Pack! Now available for order.

Well we've got something new in the shop! Kind of. It's a double pack of Vommats! Double the Vommats, double the fun, right? Except that it is decidedly unfun to require a Vommat in the first place so needing 10 of them may mean that things in your house are... chaotic. Or you're a planner. Either way, you can order two packs at once now. 

When I got my first double order, I was pretty pumped! Until I realized that I was not prepared to fulfill two packs in one bag and would have to double up on shipping. I did some resourceful things though and found a sample of a very large shipping bag and discovered that I can fit two packs into it. And then I found that two packs in that shipping bag could ship for the same cost as one pack in the regular bag. Why? I don't know. But I love it! I then started to look around for ecofriendly super big shipping bags. I found some options but those tabs got lost in all my other tabs...

Until I got another double order! Shoot! I should have ordered the bigger bags. So instead, my 3 year old office assistant and I checked the shipping store, then Walgreens, then Staples looking for a suitably large bag. Staples got it done, obvi, with the bonus of being a UPS drop off point. Here's a pic of our Staples fulfillment setup!

two packs of vommats on a stack of cardboard boxes at staples
I was amused by that process and shared it on Instagram with a couple of goofy name ideas for a double pack. I went with all the classics - mega, diesel, max, and... chaos

I was messing around but the Chaos Pack struck a chord and was a crowd fav. I found some beautiful ecofriendly shipping bags from Hero Packaging and once they arrived, I got the official Chaos Pack onto the website. 

And what do you know, I got one out the door within the hour. So - whether you've got a real situation on your hands, or you just want to feel prepared - you can now order 10 Vommats at once and I'll get them shipped out just as fast as I can. Thanks for reading the story of the Chaos Pack and if you want to order one, you can do so here

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
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