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Being Prepared - it's what moms do

Us moms, we like to be prepared, don't we? We bring bags of crayons and coloring books to restaurants. We have wipes hiding out in a myriad of places in our homes, cars, and purses. If you need something, and you're amongst moms, there's a good bet that between all of them and all the gear on their persons, you'll find what you need. 

Another thing we like is convenience. We have a lot going on between the mental load of motherhood, managing a family and home, not to mention the nonstop requests and attention that come from the kids themselves. Does it take longer to use the drive through? Yes. Is it more convenient when you've got 2 or 3 kids in the car? Yes. So the drive through we go. It is easier. 

Vommats are an extension of this preparedness and need to seek out convenience. Nothing brings you back down to earth faster than a sick kid and if there is vom involved, you hit rock bottom pretty quick. Everyone has a story - and in this line of work, I'm hearing them all. 

Keeping a pack of Vommats on hand in preparation is like a little insurance policy for your couch. It helps make the drop down from excited-for-whatever-our-plan-was-for-the-day to everything-is-canceled slightly easier because at least you have something to make the whole song and dance a little easier. It's that feeling of, "wait! I have just the thing for this,"! It feels good. 

I used to post the kids up on the couch and each time I heard a little cough I'd panic and run to try to get them into the right position or move them to the bathroom - this was usually a mistake. Now, I can take a little more care in my approach since I know they're not going to yak on the couch. I can coach them through it, rub their backs, do the mom stuff that I had been struggling to do when I was trying to hurriedly move them to a more convenient location. Honestly, it has made me feel like I'm doing a little bit better of a job as a mom. 

It's just a little thing to have if you need it. And when you do need it, you'll be glad to have it. I know that I have and I hope you do too! 

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