And bam! Now Available for Pre-Order - Vommat

And bam! Now Available for Pre-Order

Exciting times here at Vommat HQ as we're now set up to accept pre-orders! The Asana board I've been using to keep track of all of my tasks is titled, "we're really doing it," so it feels right to include this gif:

Gif from Dumb and Dumber, "we're really doing it though, aren't we buddy?"

It's like I'm hopping into that big floppy dog of a van and setting out onto an unknown but very beautiful and exciting road. You can be my Harry. 

For real though, it's an exciting time, feeling like we're really getting going. I'm telling you, these Vommats have really made things easier at my house in the now 3 occasions that I've needed them since I've had the samples here. I can't wait to get them into more hands so that said hands don't need to scrub nastiness out of their couches or rugs. 

We are targeting November 1 to be able to ship orders so now's the time if you want to be one of our very first customers. Very first customers are also the most special and amazing customers who will always remain in my heart - but no pressure.

So let's set off on this adventure together and if you have any feedback for me please send it along - I'm all ears! Floppy dog van ears. 

Gif from Dumb and Dumber, big floppy dog van jumping over a hill on the road




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