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Adventures in Crowdfunding

I've learned so much about so many things since I started bringing Vommat to life - how about learning a lesson about crowdfunding? After selling the last of my in-stock Vommats in January, I've been working on some big idea things before ordering more. I'm looking for commercial buyers and learning more about healthcare in the US. I was hoping to get some good stuff together pretty quickly and then leverage that into scrounging up some money and ordering more inventory. But things rarely go as planned. So while I'm still working to that end, I feel bad about not being able to help the people on my list who have signed up to be notified when Vommats are back in stock. And each time a friend writes with a sick kid or situation that a Vommat would have been very helpful - ugh I could pull my hair out. So! I've turned to crowdfunding. 

I set up a crowdfunding campaign with iFundWomen - a wonderful organization that has done so much good for female entrepreneurs. I am trying to raise $5,000 which will allow me to purchase more inventory as well as refresh my first generation packaging. I think there's a saying along the lines of - if you're not embarrassed of your v1 work, you took too long on it - or something? Anyway I am indeed embarrassed of the v1 verbiage and it will need some technical updates for v2 to comply with US consumer product packaging regulations so we'll get that done as well. 

Turning to crowdfunding has been weird emotionally; on one hand I feel like I am holding up a big sign that says "HEY HELP ME BECAUSE I AM FAILING" but then another part of me thinks it's a really smart way to accomplish these shorter term goals while I am working on some long term things. And being afraid of failing at a crowdfunding campaign is not a good enough reason not to do it, doing it and failing is still better than being too afraid to launch it because of fear of it failing and not doing it at all, right? RIGHT? So anyway, we're doing it. Here is the link:

There are three levels;
- monetary contribution, any amount, for the coolest of the cool
- 5 Pack Pre-Order: kick in $50 and I'll send your 5 pack as soon as they arrive
- Chaos Pack Pre-Order: kick in $100 and I'll send you a Chaos Pack (10 Vommats) as soon as they arrive. 

Please share the link anywhere that feels appropriate. I have been struggling with that (see above: emotions!) but it's not going to share itself so it's time to set the fear aside. Thanks for reading and thanks for your help!!

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